26 Breathing Meditations

What Do You Get?

  1. Lower Level Of Anxiety
  2. Super Simple WayS To Fall Asleep
  3. Effective WayS To Lower Your Blood Pressure
  4. The Simplest Way To Ease Your Pain
  5. Improved Concentration & Memory
  6. Improved Digestion
  7. The Calmness You've Been Lookin For Will Be YOURS
  8. Your unique tool which you can use ANYWHERE & ANYTIME

WHY I Created These Meditations

These simple meditations are for people who have tried it all; medications, massages, numerous doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychiatrists, yoga, meditation.......etc. But still, they have lots of aches and pains, still, they feel anxious or experience panic attacks, or still, they have bad sleep or terrible digestion.

The 26 Breathing Meditations is a simple way to activate your "Rest & Digest"-part of your autonomous nervous system in order to feel calm and collected, to get your body alkaline, and experience less muscular tension and pain due to sufficient oxygen to all your cells, to improve your memory and concentration due to more oxygen to your brain and to lower your blood pressure due to improved blood flow and open blood vessels.

A lot of people talk about how practicing slow breathing helped them improve their health.............