About the CEO

Anette now gives consultations in a clinic in Oslo as well as giving courses, workshops, and public speeches in Norway and Italy.

After finishing her Bachelor's degree in Norway she studied opera-singing and different breathing techniques in Milan, Roma, London, and New York (Masters in voice performance at Manhattan School of Music.)

Anette Aarsland is the most profiled Breathing Expert in Norway. She has been portrayed in Television, Radio, Podcasts as well as numerous Newspapers and Magazines. She is a sought-after public speaker both in breathing techniques and presentational techniques, as well as being the author of the bestselling book "BREATHING - How to breathe to feel healthy, confident, and calm". Anette also gave her TEDx-talk "EXHALE" in December 2016.

At the age of 25, Anette experienced a serious heartbreak when being an opera student in London. This led her into studying breathing techniques for the very first time. Not only did she gain her voice back, but she experienced an inner calmness that she`d never felt before. Since then breathing became her life!