All the techniques taught by Anette Aarsland are based on research done on breathing in order to improve our health. They are also based on Anette`s experience working with thousands of clients.

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  • We Breathe Far Too Much Air
  • We Need to Breathe Deeper & Slower
  • We need To Move the Diaphragm in Order to Move the Intestines, And All Internal Organs & IMPROVE THE DIGESTION
  • We Need To Breathe Less In Order For The Oxygen To Reach The Brain & Improve Memory & Concentration
  • We Need to Breathe Less to Make the Oxygen Reach the Mitochondrions In All the Cells! These are the Power Stations in All the Cells, Producing Lots of Energy, And They Desperately Need Oxygen in Order to Do So!
  • We Need to Breathe Less to Make the Oxygen Reach the Muscles So That We Perform Better in Sports
  • We Need to Breathe Less in Order for The Body to Get Alkaline, And Less Inflammatory.
  • When We Breathe Deeper, And Slower, The Blood Flow Will Increase Lowering the Blood Pressure
  • Deep & Slow Breathing Can Affect The Cleansing Of The Brain ( ,and Prevent Dementia )
  • We Need to Breathe Deeper in Order to Avoid Muscular Tension in The Neck & Shoulder Area - Hence; The Upper Part of The Chest Shall Remain Still
  • We Need to Breathe Deeper in Order to Avoid Tension Headache & Even Migraine


Unfortunately, many of us, women as men, tend to tuck in our stomachs in order to feel a little bit slimmer. This is incredibly harmful to our health as it prevents an optimal breathing pattern, makes the main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, stand still. And if the diaphragm doesn´t move, neither do all the internal organs, including the intestines. No wonder a large percentage of the population develops IBS or other kinds of bad digestion.

Other reasons that we hold in the stomach may be

  • Experienced stress or traumas that make us tense up & breathe superficially. This breathing pattern may persist after the trauma itself has passed and lead to a dysfunctional breathing pattern.

  • Putting on trousers or clothing that are tight around the waist. We might even put on babies diapers or fashionable jeans that tells the toddler not to breathe deeply as it unable them to move their tummy. Leaving them with the only option left, to inhale by pulling up their chest and shoulder-area.